Online access to your medical record

Online access to your medical record

Depending on how you signed up for access, you may or may not have lost access when we migrated to our new clinical computer system earlier this year.

Many of you have now regained access by signing up to the NHS App via this link:

If you have not yet done so but would like to sign up via the App, you will need to have appropriate ID ready before you start. We will then receive a message asking us to activate access at our end. Using the NHS App means that you can gain access from a smartphone or tablet but also from a PC or laptop. Please be aware that this will not give you access to historical data within your medical record but will give you any data added from the date you sign up as well as the ability to order your repeat prescriptions.

For those patients who did have access to older data prior to the migration, we are still working on being able to reactivate access to the original date.

Thank you for your patience.

Dr Rhys Evans & Partners