How do I order my prescription?

If using the ‘repeat slip’ from your last prescription, tick the boxes for the items needed and allow at least 2 working days. If you would like the prescription posted back to you, please send a stamped addressed envelope.

If you usually drop your prescription request into the surgery, Please post your request in the green box outside the surgery gate.

Don’t forget that if you need your medication for the weekend, you must order in time to collect your prescription either from the surgery or from the Painswick Pharmacy by 18:00 on Friday night. You will not be able to access your prescription from the surgery after 18:00 on Friday evening until the surgery re-opens at 08:30 on Monday morning. In the cases of a Bank Holiday, of course this will mean the next available working day.

We are now offering a new repeat dispensing scheme for those patients who are on regular medication and who use the same pharmacy each time. This allows patients to collect their medicines from the pharmacy at regular intervals (usually every two months) without needing to order their medication from the surgery. In most cases, 6 or 12 months’ supply can be issued.

Extra Supplies for Holidays

If you are going away on holiday and require a larger than normal supply of your medication, the easiest way for us to do this is to issue you with two separate prescriptions for two months’ supply on each. So, ask for your prescription in the normal way, then a week before you go on holiday, ask for a further supply, but write a message on the request to say it is early as you are going away. You’ll then have a total of 4 months’ worth of medication. This is the maximum we can issue. If you are out of the country for longer than this, you will need to seek the advice of a doctor in the country where you are staying.

Electronic Prescribing

You need to nominate a pharmacy to accept your prescriptions electronically – this will be passed on to us and your records updated. The benefit of using this system is that not only does your prescription arrive much more quickly at the pharmacy (as it is sent electronically via a secure internet connection) but also your medication is stored on the Patient Demographic Spine so if you go away on holiday (within the UK) and forget your medication, or lose it en route, any pharmacy can log into the Spine and find the details of your medication.

If you have not already nominated a pharmacy, please complete our Electronic Prescription Service Registration form.

Prescription fees

View the cost of prescriptions and whether you are entitled to free prescriptions by visiting the NHS website: