Non-NHS Services Fees

Fees for services not provided under the National Health Service

The services shown below are not provided as part of our NHS contract.  We will endeavour to assist patients by providing these services but reserve the right to decline to provide non-NHS services.

Service Fee
Letters, certificates and forms  
Private prescription £20.00
Private sick note £20.00
Capacity form £55.00
To whom it may concern letter (no review of records) £25.00
To whom it may concern/fitness letters (requiring review of records £45.00
Claim form (eg holiday cancellation) £55.00
Firearms licence & renewal £40.00
Bus pass form £25.00
Proof of life form £25.00
Child minder health/adoption/fostering form £45.00
Examinations and reports
Full medical with report (eg pre-employment, HGV, PSV, taxi driver, insurance, fitness for sport or education £155.00 (£105.00 if patient is paying)
Report giving detailed opinion and statement of patient condition without examination £140.00 (£90 if patient paying)
Assessment of capacity for power of attorney £120.00
Non-NHS tests
Blood tests and results (lab costs will be extra and may vary) £45.00
Retesting ECG with result £75.00
IVF bloods (standard)“ £210.00
Private consultations
30 minute private consultation £125.00